Athlete (s) of the month for April, Some Reminders and this week at Kilauea CrossFit, Kauai, Hawaii


April Athlete of the Month is everyone that signed up for the CrossFit Games open Workouts! We had some great Friday nights and Sunday mornings doing the WODS and that’s thanks to all of you! We are a new CrossFit Box with a lot of new Cross-Fitters but it was so great to have everyone sign up! We saw some PR’s during the workouts. We saw a lot of sweat, some blood and even a few tears. We all have some things to look forward to next year. The open is a mirror for our deficiencies. Lets work on those this year!  Unfortunately some of us got sick and couldn’t complete all of the workouts. Next year you will be stronger and faster and be able to hit it harder.  Keep up the mobility work as that and practicing strict strength and form will build us a strong foundation for not just doing CrossFit but doing better in life. Take Pride in having good form.  Thanks to all members of Kilauea CrossFit for making this happen!

As a reminder please take note of a few things.

  • Please do not be late.  Come early, get to know your fellow crossfitters, stretch and mobilize.  If you come late and jump right in to the workout you have a huge risk of injury. Of course there are extenuating circumstances that make us late. Just shoot me a text and we can expect you.  We do have a burpee penalty for being late which I hate to use.
  • Respect your Coaches and fellow members. This has a different meaning for everyone.  Please think of one way in which you can show respect and work to get better at that.
  • Put away your Gear (and your friends) and help do your part to keep the gym clean. We are going to get some dirt and chalk on the floor but if we are aware of minimizing it by wiping our feet and keeping the chalk in the buckets that would be appreciated.
  • Please no cursing.
  • Leave your Ego in the parking lot. Your PR is someone else’s warmup weight. Pick up your ego in the parking lot before you go home. Egos and plastic cups that are left out will get thrown out.
  • If you finish your workout fast, take a breather, drink some water then go cheer on someone else. Then help them put away their equipment.
  • Please dont “Cherry Pick” workouts. If there is something on a day you normally come that you dont like or dont feel that you are good at, (running/burpees.muscle ups etc) come and try it.  You will learn something new and find as you get better at something you will enjoy it more. I dont put workouts on website for us to pick which ones to come but rather so you can mentally and physically prepare.  We put a lot of time in programing the WODS and scheduling them so we can all be well rounded strong athletes.


This week:

Monday: Body Weight Action Metcon (ninjas prepare)

Tuesday: Hang Snatch and Rowing

Wednesday: Back Squat/ Kettle Bell Swing and Box Jumps

Thursday:Split Jerk and a Triplet Metcon

Friday: No pilates as of yet. CrossFit will be Intervals of Power Cleans, Rowing and Double Unders