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Pilates @ 4 on Friday and Nutrition with Josh at 5:00 WOD tonight (thursday)

Once again we will be Having Pilates with Amy at 4:00 on Friday afternoon! Please text me if you are able to come because we want to keep the classes at 12 max to get everyone the attention they deserve.  This is for Kilauea CrossFit members, however if you are not a member you can…

CrossFIt Foundations is for all members!

CrossFit Foundations classes are Monday and Wednesday at 6 pm and Tuesday and Thursday at 9:30 am! As a reminder I wanted to let all current members that these classes are open for them! Please stop by and brush up on your fundamentals and get a real good work out in! Like all Crossfit workouts…

8:00 changing to 8:30 Next Week

Starting next week, 8:00 Am classes will be changed to 8:30 am. This is to help our awesome moms so they can drop kids off at school and be here with a little time to spare. So Starting Monday the 23rd

Stronger Faster Healthier

We now carry SFH products at Kilauea CrossFit. A real high quality brand of Protein Supplements and Fish Oil. The protein is derived from free range hormone free cows and the omega 3 high concentrate fish oil is from sardines and herring.

Kilauea CrossFit is growing


We are in the middle of renovations and will be adding more square footage and classes soon!