Friday April 21st Partner WOD!!!!




Partner WOD!!!

1: 100 Deadlifts (225#/155#)


*Other partner must be holding their bar while you do deadlifts. If partner drops bar, you drop bar. :)

2: 100 DB Snatches (50#/35#)

*Other partner must be hanging from the pull-up bar. If your partner falls from the pull-up bar, you stop doing snatches. :)

3: 50 Partner Front Squats (225#/155#)

*You and your partner clean the bar together and perform front squats simultaneously on the same bar. :)

4: 200 Double Unders

*Your partner must hold a hollow-body position while you do double unders. If they collapse, the double unders stop. :)


Why partner WOD’S? The better question is “Why not?” When we workout in classes, it’s very nice having people around us. We see others suffering, and therefore we are more motivated to continue. Often though during classes, we are still on our own mental “island,” if you will. It’s up to us to strategize and endure.  A popular Glassman quote is that “the biggest adaptation of CrossFit happens between the ears.” True enough. Partner WOD’s, however offer a welcome break from that island. Someone else is now there to share that burden with you. What a relief that can be. As always, all weight and movements are scale-able. So make a friend (or bring one) and get your fitness on together.