Monday May 8th Lift Heavy…..



Why is lifting heavy so beneficial? A few reasons. First, it builds bone density. Hmmm, who could use more bone density?? All of us, but especially those of us getting up in years. Bone density is a huge protection and safeguard for our bodies, and creates a hedge, obviously, against various types of fractures and falls.

Lifting heavy also builds strength. This sounds ridiculous to say, but it’s important to differentiate between building strength, and building bulk, which is what many people associate lifting heavy with. You get stronger for picking things up. For setting things down. For putting things over your head. Kinduv important.

Lifting heavy increases testosterone output in the body. This is just as important for women as it is for men. It is stated by the all knowledgeable internet that testosterone performs more than 200 different functions in the female body.

So, lifting heavy is healthy, it’s practical, and it’s awesome. Don’t skip the heavy days.



Max Effort Lower


Power Cleans 3RM


“Simon Says”