No Saturday WOD!!! Come watch our friends lift weights here at the Gym at 10:00!!!



Saturday Class

No 9:00 am CrossFit Class on Saturday but at 10 am we will be having a USAW Sanctioned Weightlifting meet at the gym! Come and watch please! Cheer on Haunani, Logan and Dusty as they compete with other lifters from around the island! Check it out the Garden Island HERE.

Back to regular schedule next week.


Do you have any friends that are not at our gym? Do they like free stuff?

All this week will be Bring A Friend Day! All this week will be partner workouts!  So bring someone that has never worked out with us! Or call up someone you haven’t seen at the gym in a while and ask them to team up! Get here early because if you are number 1, 3,4,7,9,11 or 13 you will have to workout by yourself. (insert sad face emoji here). No one wants to do that on a bring a friend day……..

I know last week I said I wasn’t going to post the WOD every night. Well, due to the amazing tool of delegation (other work) and disease of procrastination (not working on my house or new website) please check old website at 6 pm the night before. At least this week…..

Oh and don’t show your friend workouts for now. Just bring them. We will scale them safely while getting them a great workout.


CrossFit 2017 Open workouts start this week!

Click on link HERE to sign up!

We will be doing these in open gym. If you are dropping in from out of town and want to do the Open please email and let us know what day you want to do it so we can schedule you a coach.


Sunday WOD

30 Minute Amrap with a partner. Did I mention you can bring a friend. For free?

20 One Arm Farmers Carry (both working)
20 Lateral Box Overs (10 Each)
20 Burpees (total)
20 Russian Twist (Each)