What do Saturday, Sunday and Thursday have in Common?



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Saturday, Sunday and Thursday is 9 am workout only! Also bring a friend for $5!

Saturday and Sunday  (see below)

Monday: Backsquats….. Wall Balls and Run

Tuesday: 3 Position Snatch and 8 Minute AMRAP

Wednesday: DB Press/KB Swing & Pull up/ Hip extension

Thursday: 9:00 AM only! Bring a friend!

Friday: 2 Position C&J + 5 Minute AMRAP

Saturday and Sunday November 19/20 @ 9:00 AM

Bring a friend for $5!

A: As an Individual

20 Walking Lunges w/ DB

60 Seconds Rest


B: In teams of 2

20 Minute Amrap

200 meter Row and Plank Hold

Partner 1 Rows and Partner 2 Holds plank, if partner 2 comes down from plank partner 1 to stop rowing.

switch when rower completes 200

Score is meters rowed.