Tuesday 2-7-17 Have friends visiting? Going on vacation? Live on Kauai? Please read today’s post.


Just a caveat to my thoughts below. I have been thinking about this for a while. Some of you might think this is directed at you directly because we have talked about this recently. Not so. I sit here on a Saturday afternoon to divulge my inner thoughts because it is a trend I have been seeing. Love You, Sam

You know what the best thing for Fitness and Nutrition is? Consistency! You know what the worse thing is? Well not doing it! Inconsistency! Here are 2 things that I have been thinking about that lead to neglect of fitness and nutrition.
Visiting friends and going on vacation.

I just noticed on Facebook that it is “Friends Day”. Whatever that means. Facebook friends or regular friends? No Idea. Anyway, lets take visiting friends first.

We live in one of the top tourist destinations in the world. No doubt your friends that live elsewhere give you a call when they want to come over and hang out. They probably want to stay with you too. Instantly you turn in to a tour guide. Your life is on hold. Suddenly you are hitting happy hour every night and when home the icebox and cooler are filled up with your favorite snacks and beers.

I enjoy having good friends visit. It breaks free from the routine and mundane and you actually get to do some of the touristy stuff that maybe you wouldn’t do with our busy schedules. Hike to a waterfall. Go surfing everyday. Sit at the beach and watch the sunset. Go to happy hour……… (if this is your normal everyday life please lets get coffee because I need some advice) While it is fun to do these things, a good friend will know that you have your own life to live. Hopefully in that life you have made time for yourself to exercise. Time that you need to put aside for yourself. A couple questions.

  •  Can your friends wait a couple hours to allow you to get to the gym?
  • Can they allow you to take a break from being a tour guide to allow you to do some food prep or shopping?
  • Are you comfortable telling your friends that you are making exercise and nutrition choices that have been making you feel better then you ever have?
  • What is their reaction if you order club soda at the bar? Or bust out a scale to weigh your food. (I’ve done that..yes at a restaurant)

If you had a hard time answering these questions let me help you. A good friend will allow you time to concentrate on your nutrition. A good friend will let you get to the gym. A good friend will support you, no matter how weird it seems to them. If that is a problem than you need better friends. Or when they ask to stay with you find them a good vacation rental. Or better yet maybe you can start their journey to fitness and nutrition! We have lots of classes now that you can bring a friend. Specifically Jungle Fit and the Weekend WOD.
Many of you know we just got back from a one month European vacation. It was our 20 year wedding anniversary and we have been saving up and putting pieces in place to make it happen for a long time. In case you didn’t know, Summer and I work hard at running three different business so we didn’t pay for our trip by selling Fitaid and RX bars. In other words we deserved it. If you follow us on Instagram you saw that we got to workout quite a few times at CrossFit Gyms in England, Ireland, Northern Ireland and Scotland. We also ate and drank real good.
Working out when on vacation is so much fun. As you can see from all the happy, Kilauea CrossFit shirt wearing drop ins we have here at our gym. I know in my case at 43 (years young?) atrophy sets in quick. As does all the hard work I might have done building a good cardiovascular engine. Even if you are training on vacation you probably never are as consistent, lift as heavy or go as fast as you might at home on your regular schedule. At least in my case I didn’t.
Going on vacation can really set us back in our exercise and nutrition. To a serious level. I have seen it in my own case. I also see it a lot with our members here at the gym. While some of you drop in to a CrossFit gym or two while away, highly recommended on multiple levels (thanks for the shirts!) most do not do any sort of exercise. Not recommended. Maybe when they return home, they start only coming once a week to the gym. Maybe once or twice a month. Worse case scenario some have never come back to training at all. I have seen it a lot. A trend. From going on vacation.

What to Do?

  • Set a plan and schedule to exercise while away. Maybe taking a run every morning or best case scenario, find a local CrossFit and get a workout in. Try to hit multiple gyms. Send me photos or tag us on social so we can repost!
  • Eat good! Try local cuisine! Try the local beers and spirits! Be moderate though and still try to stick to food choices that work for you while home. Try local desserts but share!
  • When you get home come straight in to the gym. I’m talking straight. You don’t have to do a WOD straight off the plane but how about getting on the rower or bike? Or mobility tools to work out some sore stiff spots. Within a day or two come in for a group workout. Expect to not feel 100% but go light and just get through the workout.
  • Get back on your training schedule. Be consistent.
  • Show me all your awesome photos!

The Reality Side of It: We want you in the gym training. We want you feeling good, looking good, working off the Guinness and fish and chips. So do yourself a favor, go drop in at another gym. Ask me how to or maybe I know a gym owner where you are going and can send you in the right direction. Make good food choices on your trip! Most importantly AS SOON as you get home get back to fitnessing! If your nutrition went so far off track that you have derailed then talk to me about how we can change that and help you make the right choices going forward. It worked out for Summer and I because as soon as we got back the Whole Life Challenge started. We can get you started on something like that or something specific for your goals and needs. Talk to me.


6 Minutes to complete:

20 Dumbbell Deadlifts 45/35

200 Meter Dumbbell Waiters Walk (100=L/100=R)

20/15 Calories Assault Bike