Wednesday May 16th. WOD and Announcements!!!


Michelle will be flipping tires elsewhere…


Hey check this out!!!! We are posting the WOD today!!! But first a quick reminder…


  • Michelle Messer and her family are moving to California… Jeff Cyr and his daughter, Tatum are moving to Washington…..

We are going to miss them both heaps. So lets party!!!! This Saturday at 6! Bring something healthy because pizza and beer will be provided. 

  • There will be no more Sunday classes for the foreseeable future. We are sorry for this as we know some of you loved this class but the gym needs a rest day too.
  • Starting June 1st we are adding two new time slots to the schedule. Along with the 3:30 time, JungleFit will also be at 10:00 am Tuesday and Thursday morning!  What is JungleFit?  JungleFit is our quick 30 Minute class that will leave your lungs burning, core tight and muscles toned. There are no barbells in this class but we regularly use dumbbells and kettlebells to get some serious work done. This is a great starting point to ignite your conditioning. Also if you are an existing member this would be the class to bring your friends to. It is always “bring a friend day” at Jungle Fit. This is not an “easier” class.  Just less skill work and no heavy weights. 



Dynamic Effort Upper

Speed Bench Press


(sets across)


75 Double Unders, then

Five Rounds

3 Wall Walks

10 V-Ups

15 Ring Dips, then

75 Double Unders