This week at Kilauea CrossFit and Athlete (s) of the month for July

tony and judy wedding

Antonio and Judy love CrossFit. We have loved getting to know them and having them part of the Kilauea CrossFit Ohana. Unfortunately they are moving to New York in a couple weeks. Unfortunately for us because we will miss them but it will be a good move as they are helping friends open a restaurant in Manhattan.

Some things you may or may not know about them. Both are CrossFit Level 1 trainers and both hold CrossFit rowing certificates. Judy is from upstate New York originally and played softball in college. Tony is from Mexico City and played American Football in college there.

Tony is a sommelier and world record holder in sabering champagne! Watch him in action here!  
Judy is a chef and went to a culinary intitute in Italy.

They just celebrated their 3 year anniversary.

Get to know your CrossFit family while you can because things change and people move on. Go to their restaurant if you ever in New York city and maybe get in a WOD with them because you know they will be at a CrossFit BOX hitting it hard!!!!!

Meanwhile in the jungle on the rock……

Monday: DL
Tuesday: GHD/C2/HSPU
Wednesday: OHS/DU/PU/SU
Thursday: C&J
Friday: KB C&J/WB/BJ