Our Rules

Yes, we do have a few rules. Please come early to class. Especially if you are visiting. Please bring no pets to Kilauea CrossFit. That includes leaving them in your vehicle. The owner of the property has two Neapolitan Mastiffs and while friendly to CrossFitters we are not sure if they like CrossFitter’s pets.  We have a room where your child can color, read, watch a movie or play legos. We currently do not have child care so please do not bring unsupervised, unruly children. If your child is roaming around the gym you will be be asked to supervise them yourself and you will miss out on the workout.  Children are not to play on or with any equipment in the gym. Our insurance does not cover that.  Please clean up after yourself and put your gear away. This is your gym so please respect it. When exiting the gym, please drive slow on the driveway and when turning on to the highway, PLEASE make a right turn only on to the highway.  If you need to go to Princeville, turn around at the roundabout by the mini-golf.

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