Programs – Foundations

All new CrossFitters will be asked to attend our Foundations program. This six class foundation series will cover the basics of CrossFit. You will practice good form on the movements that make up our workouts, learn how to scale movements appropriate for your own level, and start ramping up your fitness with a CrossFit workout at the end of each class. These CrossFit Foundations classes will start at the beginning of each month. We run these 4 classes in a progression so we highly recommend not missing class as you may have to catch up with the next group of foundations before moving on.  Contact us for scheduling.

I have not done CrossFit, but I’m really fit and would like to skip the Foundations Class and just sign up for a Workout of the Day membership. Can I do that?

We require everyone to take Foundations, so that we can make sure all of our members have a basis of safe and effective movement. You can also attend two 1 1/2 hour personal training sessions with one of our coaches. At the end of those sessions your coach and I will discuss about you jumping in to group classes.

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