Thursday December 5

Here is a picture of coach Foe flipping our new tire! Go big or go home! Warm up: Animal style! Strength: Thruster (increasing weight) 3x3x3x3x3 WOD: 4 sets max jump rope 30 secs + 30 sec rest 4 sets 30 seconds max thruster (50% of last 3 rep weight) 30 sec rest 4 sets 30…

Wednesday December 4th

We got more tires to flip! Warm up: run/ 2 tire flips/10 pull ups/10 wall squats/10 super slow mountain climbers x2 Shoulder/hip mobility/burgener warmup Skill: Snatch Strength: Snatch 15 minutes amrap 5 snatch 20 push-ups 50 sit-ups Cool down 2 minute plank + 2 minute squat hold

Tuesday December 3rd

Here is the class today going over the Clean. We are happy to have a lot of new CrossFitters coming so we want to make sure everyone has a good grasp of movements. Tuesday we will be doing deadlifts and some running. Bring long socks because we want to scrape our shins with the bar!…

Kilauea CrossFit is growing


We are in the middle of renovations and will be adding more square footage and classes soon!

November is almost over…….

Howzit! We are in our official first week here at Kilauea CrossFit! Thanks for all the support so far in our informal workouts the last couple of weeks! I just wanted to give everyone a heads up on the schedule for this week and what movements we are going to be going over. We are…