Tuesday April 25th

  Max Effort Upper Dumbbell Floor Press Three-rep-max   For Time: 100 Burpee pull-ups

Monday April 24th

Dynamic Effort Lower Thrusters 15-15-15   For Time: 21-15-9 Row (for calories Front Squats (155#/105#)

Friday April 21st Partner WOD!!!!

    Partner WOD!!! 1: 100 Deadlifts (225#/155#)   *Other partner must be holding their bar while you do deadlifts. If partner drops bar, you drop bar. 2: 100 DB Snatches (50#/35#) *Other partner must be hanging from the pull-up bar. If your partner falls from the pull-up bar, you stop doing snatches. 3: 50…

Thursday April 20th

What is dynamic effort? Basically it’s how fast you can lift a light load. The basic theory is this: the faster you move a weight, the less strength you use. So by that logic, the faster your body learns to move weight, the more you should be able to move. If you can move light…

Wednesday April 19th “Isabel”

  Max Effort Lower Power Snatches 1 Rep Max   “Isabel” 30 Power Snatches for time (135#/95#)   Another classic CrossFit workout. How are you going to handle it? Are you going to try and do one rep every 10 seconds? One rep every 20 seconds? Or are you going to try to do as…